Bachelor of Business course with Hospitality management major


The Bachelor of Business course with Hospitality Management major is designed to give students a comprehensive basis for a management career in the hospitality industry. This major is aimed at providing learners with a thorough understanding of hospitality and business management, principles and relevant industry skills.

This major of study will endow students with strong, real-life problem-solving capabilities, the ability to anticipate change and a commitment to lifelong personal development. This major prepares students for a professional career in the global hospitality industry.

The Bachelor of Business course with Hospitality Management major students are expected to gain the knowledge, attributes, skills, and experience of higher-level hospitality concepts and operations. They will study critical business and management units allowing them to enter the fast-changing global hospitality industry with confidence. Upon successful completion of this major, graduates could start a career in a five-star international hotel, a resort, a high-end restaurant or at a major tourist destination.

Year 1
COM 100
Business Communication
Accounting for Business
Business Economics
Information Technology in Business
Principles of Marketing
Principles of Management
Business Law
Business Statistics
Year 2
Year 3
  • Students are required to complete all of the units listed below to fulfil the requirements of Bachelor of Business with Hospitality Management major.
Unit CodeUnit NameUnit CodePrerequisites Unit
HRM201Human Resources ManagementNone
HOS201 Introduction to Hospitality ManagementNone
HOS202Hospitality Operation ManagementNone
HOS203Contemporary Accommodation ManagementNone
HOS204Food & Beverage ManagementNone
HOS301 Hospitality MarketingMKT100 Principles of Marketing
HOS302Managing Customer Experience and Ethical PracticeNone
HOS303Global Trends in HospitalityNone
HOS304 Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing MGT100
Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
BSE201 Corporate Governance,
Ethics and Professionalism
Principles of Management
Business Law
BUS301Business CapstoneThis unit can only be undertaken by the students in the final year of the studies

or after having completed at least two third of the course credits.

Course learning Outcomes

The Bachelor of Business Course has the following learning outcomes that are consistent with the AQF Level 7 qualification:
  • Demonstrate an advanced understanding of theories, principles, and concepts relevant to the broad field of business
  • Communicate effectively with diverse business stakeholders in technologised, written and face to face contexts
  • Be self-directed and critically reflective in business contexts requiring collaborative and independent work
  • Apply specialised field knowledge and technical skills to develop and evaluate business solutions in a range of Hospitality contexts
  • Source, generate and synthesise relevant information to support evidence-based Hospitality decision- making processes and lifelong learning
  • Recognise the relationship between Hospitality profession and society through practicing socially responsible and sustainable management that benefits diverse communities

Graduate Attributes

The graduates of Southern Cross Institute will have the following attributes at AQF Level 7:
  • Be effective communicators in the face to face and technologised contexts
  • Be broadly knowledgeable in the theoretical and conceptual fields of business with in-depth knowledge of their sub-discipline
  • Be able to professionally apply theoretical, conceptual and procedural knowledge to analyse and solve complex problems in business environments
  • Be self-directed, critical thinkers able to liaise, cooperate and work effectively and supportively with others
  • Be culturally adept and promote inclusivity and equity for all members of their local, regional and international communities
  • Synthesise, analyse and use the information to support ethical, evidence-based decision making and lifelong learning